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Complement of Language [how to make English sentence well]

Study English? why not!

Have you ever read several book about English lessons? Do not you find some hard sentence to understand? What will you do to those sentences? Do you using google translate to understand the sentence or you using your insting to get the meaning either? These questions will be answered easily by understanding the component of language.

Components of language
What component of language is? Component of language is parts of sentence divided into (1) Phoneme (2) Morpheme (3) Words (4) Phrase (5) Clause (6) Sentence. Compenents of language will make you understand how to make english sentence well.

Make sentence
To make an English sentence we have to know what these are and the purpose is before we make a an English sentence we have to know What, Where, When, Which, and How the sentence has been created. Step by step the author will give simple explanation and easy to understand.

Phoneme is the small parts of language, it does not have meaning and phoneme is alphabet.
For example:
a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, ....... z.

Morpheme is word has a meaning, consists of one word and will give the different meaning if the word affected by affix. Based on it form Morpheme divided onto two parts.
  • Free Morpheme [FM] 
Free morpheme is root / core word it has meaning [lexical meaning] and named independent word.
For Example: teach, hope, love, four, 
  • Bound Morpheme [BM]
Bound Morpheme is affix, word has different meaning with the core / root word and called dependent word. 
For Example: teach become teacher, hope become hopeless, love become loving, four become fourth.
Word is parts of language has meaning and class of word and called Parts of speech [POS].
Members of Word are; noun, verb, pronoun, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection
Noun is place, thing, human,
Verb is action of human, thing, place
pronoun is word or form that substitutes for a noun or noun phrase
Adjective is modifier of noun
adverb is modifier of adjective
preposition is links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence
conjunction is words that join two parts of a sentence
Interjection are words or phrases used to exclaim or protest or command
Phrase is an arrangement of words has a meaning it does not have a formula "S + V". Based on it form phrase divided into 8 phrases.
Noun phrase
Adjective phrase
Adverbial phrase
Verb phrase
Prepositional phrase
To infinitive phrase
Gerund Phrase
Present participle phrase
Interjection Phrase
Clause is an arrangement of words has formula "S + V" and followed by "Conjunction + S + V". Based on it form clause divided onto 2 parts.
Independent Clause
Dependent Clause
Sentence is an arrangement of words has meaning and at least formula "S + V" and followed by full stop[.] mark question [?] and exclamatory [!]. Based on it form sentence divided onto two parts.
Nominal Sentence
Verbal Sentence

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